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December 2011

Gearing up for BIG changes and a New Year right around the corner. Read a new article about diet, nutrition and healthy living...

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January 2012

We're happy to help you shed any excess holiday weight and stick with that New Year's Resolutions!

Read about the top 5 ways to incorporate healthy habits into your busy lifestyle...

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March 2012

 With spring right around the corner, it's time to shake the cobwebs out and get back on track with your exercise program!

Read about the amazing emotional and health benefits of outdoor exercise...

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About Hunter Fitness Company

At Hunter Fitness Company, our mission is to educate the public on building a stronger, healthier body one day at a time, by focusing on clean nutrition and proper exercise.

Because every person is unique, it is imperative to get a custom made program that is tailored to your own strengths and guides you every step of the way.

What we offer

Please see our comprehensive list of items for online purchase below:

The Original Hunter Workout:

A definitive guide designed for busy professionals who embrace the fitness lifestyle also know as the four minute ab workout. You will find ways to exercise and eat right for a healthy lifestyle. For more information you can view our presentation by clicking this text

 Price: $47

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The Hunter Workout Ropes:

50-ft workout ropes that can be used for interval training. Made of pure nylon so they resist rot. An excellent tool for the beginner or advanced athlete.

 Price: $197 (plus $38 S&H)

CLICK HERE to order!


The Hunter Flexibility Guide:

We believe flexibility is paramount to a healthy lifestyle and will show you how to get it. This is an excellent guide for those over 40.

 Price: $27

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